SpaceCircles – Juan Sebastian Lopez Galeano

Multimedia and installative artist.

The Spain-based Colombian multimedia artist SpaceCircles specialises in spatial perception art. His work goes in different formats such as installations, videoart in different materials, kinetic sculptures, filming and live performance. His background is technology and mathematics. Geometry and nature are his fascinations. He composes combining digital elements with natural materials which he is working into mutating spaces in closed spaces but he also working in open spaces in nature and abandoned places. SpaceCircles in his work uses elements generated digitally and field recordings, where the simple and complex coexist and cohabit.

2019, Group / Lumierescene and SpaceCircles . Gallery Exposition “ Gleaned Lights  ”,  Sporting Russafa (Spain, Valencia).

2018, Collaboration / with Lumierescene “ La chabola ilustrada  ”, Street material installation construction, in Intramurs festival (Spain , Valencia).

2017, Group Collaboration/ “Como una casa” group – Dorle Schimmer and Lumierescene . “ Many times upon a time  ”, Community Art Center (Mannheim, Germany).